Unity Developer, Team Leader

I am a versatile professional with extensive expertise in Unity development, specializing in various domains such as game development, VR simulators, e−learning applications, procedural terrain generation, shader programming, editor tools creation, and asset creation involving 3D models and textures.

With a career spanning 20 years, I've honed my skills as a Unity developer entrusted with organizing and leading VR departments in companies. My journey involved crafting interactive experiences, leveraging the Unity Engine's capabilities to create advanced simulations and engaging content.

I'm not just a technical expert; my artistic background aids in creating visually appealing assets and models.

Beyond technical prowess, I excel in interdisciplinary collaboration, leading teams, and effectively communicating with graphic design departments. My comprehensive understanding of project workflows, PBR materials, and problem-solving abilities ensures optimal results and positions me as an asset within any team.

I am a Unity specialist with a wide-ranging skill set, driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional, innovative projects. My technical proficiency, combined with my artistic eye and collaborative nature, makes me a valuable contributor capable of leading teams and achieving optimal outcomes in diverse project environments.

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